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Known Issues

Known Issues

Roadmap - before official release

ID (67) Subject Category
Accounts Management
3217 Special Mailbox Popup menus in Account config need tweaking Accounts Management
3420 Add menu items to take account offline/online (Same for ALL accounts) Accounts Management
General User Interface
2986 Add the option to set your own sound or turn off sound when sending messages General User Interface
3010 messages should be printable General User Interface
3022 Add a "Favorite" badge to mailboxes that are showing in the favourites pane. General User Interface
3174 Implement Dark Mode General User Interface
3229 Onboarding - expand the Sync Profile authorization window to include full message. General User Interface
3232 Set Outbox account to "MailMaven" rather than "On my Mac" General User Interface
3236 If more than 10 messages selected - warn before applying Actions to messages General User Interface
3404 Process Settings - Add tooltips General User Interface
3405 Secure Settings - Add Tooltips General User Interface
3487 Make sidebars for Tags and Calendar look the same as the other tabs General User Interface
3503 Add cmd+w as a way to close the Action Window General User Interface
3540 Add "Return" key as a shortcut for opening a message General User Interface
3542 Add an option to set what message is selected when deleting a message General User Interface
3189 Sparkle — New version(s) after Sub Expiration Integrations
3397 Localization error due to Macros Localization
Mailbox Management
2071 General work on Favorites sidebar Mailbox Management
3172 Add Mailbox Import/Export Mailbox Management
3275 Use arrows to move in the sidebar and expand/collapse groups/mailboxes Mailbox Management
2906 Add hint to file->Import Menus
3314 Clean up the Contextual menu in the Tag tab ->Add to Favorites > Menus
Message Composition
1008 Compose message when Offline will probably not be handled Message Composition
2047 Make truly plain text version of the editor Message Composition
2130 Activate remove formatting for the composer webview Message Composition
2941 integrate composer with contact Groups Message Composition
3295 For Best Guess, add the selected account as a criterion Message Composition
3309 Composer - Add the ability set images resolution - Small/Medium/Large/Actual - like Mail Message Composition
3339 Composer - Add link formating to the contextual menu Message Composition
Message Display
2184 Add rollover to show links in messages Message Display
2936 Add in message search options Message Display
3048 Add Data Detectors to MailMaven Message Display
3238 Add a multiple message selected view Message Display
3530 When there are many To or CCs they take up to much space Message Display
3533 Add a Top option for the message action menu Message Display
Message List Management
3125 Add Refresh button with shortcut to Smart Mail boxes Message List Management
3147 Add an interface indicatior that there are more keywords when all not displayed Message List Management
Message Management
2360 Add Mail Perspectives features to Maven Message Management
3173 Add preference syncing to the Sync Profile PostMark
3233 Add Syncing functions to the Contextual menu for Mailboxes & Accounts PostMark
3387 Update Sync Profile error message to not reference MailTags and Mail PostMark
3180 Change "Email addres" to "List view Email address" in View settings Preferences
Rules and actions
2873 Add the Reply-To action to outbox rules Rules and actions
3258 Need method for provisional deletes Rules and actions
3308 Critereon that evaluate Contact Groups should provide a dropdown of existing groups Rules and actions
3313 Add @Waitng/Pending functionality Rules and actions
3343 Rule/Smart Mailbox Criteria - Autocomplete for emai address Rules and actions
3353 Rule Action - Set Note - Add options to prepend/append or replace Rules and actions
3555 Review Rule Actions Rules and actions
1099 add more AppleScript Architecture Scriptability
2931 Implement Read/Unread filter ++ Searches
3234 Search - Add Table View Searches
3239 Add Autofill email addresses when making rules with email criteria Searches
3257 Search changes - Add option to include Trash/Junk Searches
3452 Implement improvements to Search Searches
3453 Implement improvements to Message Filter Searches
3510 Implement "Find" within the body of a message Searches
Smart Mailboxes
2952 Add ability to duplicate a Smart Mailbox Smart Mailboxes
3551 Smart Mailbox - make the editor resizable Smart Mailboxes
3141 Add tag conflict management to MailMaven Tagging
3142 Add method to import Tags from MailSuite after the first migration or when migration not possible Tagging
3204 Look at a better way to to delete keyword when multiple keywords appied Tagging
3252 Add shortcuts for the tagging window when composig a new message Tagging
3311 Remove Keyword dropdown area from Tagging Window Tagging
3419 When editing Keywords/Projects include option to change all references to the changed keyword/project Tagging
3476 Add Settings to Tag for copying tags to messages and sending with messages Tagging
3402 Templates settings - Add Tooltips Templates
Last updated: 12 Apr 2024

Known bugs

ID (210) Subject Category
Accounts Management
3106 Determine how to do DNS lookups while Private Relay is active Accounts Management
3161 Onboarding crashes if Mail's icloud account does not have default email address Accounts Management
3218 Migration - Unable to see account list form Mail Accounts Management
3383 Sync profile - not accessible due to iCloud alias/custom domain mismatch Accounts Management
3283 Downloading attachments not working Attachments
3380 drag’n’drop an attachment from one message to another does not work Attachments
3412 Fowarding messages that have attachments - not including the attachment Attachments
3451 Messages with very large attachments get stuck in Outbox Attachments
3472 Not possible to attach bundle file to attachments Attachments
3497 Crash when QL previewing an attachment in composer Attachments
3270 When grouping by conversation, the top message does not display all tags and attachments in conversation. Conversations
3369 Draft messages should be VERY CLEARLY identied in a conversations Conversations
3386 Conversations- add a preference setting to exclude messages in the Trash/Junk mailboxes Conversations
3482 When in a conversation when a new messages arrived -the message not appearing in the conversation Conversations
3484 Conversation badge not visible when messages not "Grouped by Conversation" Conversations
3485 Conversation Panel Badge for selected conversation displays the wrong count Conversations
3512 Conversation email selection and changing status to read Conversations
3513 Conversations of 1+ should be highlighted in Snippet anf Table View Conversations
3514 Conversation window not reflecting selected message Conversations
3176 Badge count on Dock icon not consistently updated when messages are read Counts
3261 Unread message count in the unified inbox not always updating Counts
Editing Webkit
2874 Cannot show Text & Color formatting panels via right-click in Editting WebViews Editing Webkit
3113 Composer menu->Fonts-> "Copy Style" and "Paste Style" not working Editing Webkit
3138 Selected text in composer is grey rather than the System Accent Color Editing Webkit
Encryption PGP
3020 GPG Key Management - published keys not showing until verified Encryption PGP
3066 PGP on key import -- Encryption PGP
3197 Crash opening specific PGP-signed msg Encryption PGP
3520 performance issues with decrypting messages Encryption PGP
3455 Cannot add Review Mailboxes to Favorites Favourites
3483 Favorites Setting - Display unread messages count of member mailboxes not working Favourites
General User Interface
2678 Add ability to open links behind Maven - with right-click/2-finger-click General User Interface
3109 Icons too small General User Interface
3154 After moving with Move Message - focus should return to original focus General User Interface
3165 Messages to an account/alias included in MailMaven - should include the Name by default General User Interface
3215 Mailbox name not displaying always in window title bar area when in Table View General User Interface
3256 Suggestion window needs to respect system accessibility settings for transparency General User Interface
3278 Reducing the size of the Account settings window caused some content at the top to be clipped General User Interface
3290 Tab overlap - Switching view away from MailMaven and then back caused highlight/selection to overlap two snippets General User Interface
3337 TableView Mailbox column does not show account when "All Accounts" selected General User Interface
3350 Selection often at bottom of mailbox when you change mailboxes General User Interface
3423 In Message view - change the "Copy Address" to remove gray title? General User Interface
3457 Top bar not displaying correctly for "Inboxes" and "All Accounts" General User Interface
3471 Mask of email address not okay General User Interface
3559 When you first open MailMaven the refresh button is highlighted General User Interface
3473 Plural of attachment in attachment list of "Compost new message" window Localization
3534 On restart, MailMaven not returning to previously selected mailbox Localization
Mailbox Management
2140 Cannot drag groups to favorites Mailbox Management
2964 Use Account icon for inbox icons for favorites Mailbox Management
3285 When moving All Accounts Inbox to Favorites - Account order in mailbox list does not reflect order in account preferences Mailbox Management
3341 Add hardcoded special mailboxes for On My Mac Mailbox Management
3418 Crash creating a folder in Gmail Mailbox Management
3421 Expansion state of folders not remembered if folders have slash in name Mailbox Management
3438 Crash - When creating a new Mailbox and checking "Add to Favorites" Mailbox Management
3481 Outbox not displaying with schduled messages after a restart of MailMaven Mailbox Management
3516 Crash in SCCountManager when starting to display a mailbox Mailbox Management
3522 Message not closed on deletion in a single message Viewer Mailbox Management
2987 add menu item & shortcut for "check for new messages" Menus
3004 The menu Mailbox-> New Smart Mailbox does nothing Menus
3466 Inconsistent Composer menu option Show/Hide Delivery/Composer Menus
Message Composition
1204 User should receive a warning notice when attempting to send if account is offline Message Composition
3110 Add Tooltips to the Composer Toolbar Message Composition
3116 Multiple "RE:"s atteched in long conversation Message Composition
3139 Alfred Text Snippets do not diplay correctly Message Composition
3303 Composer Bar - Archive To issues Message Composition
3310 Cannot delete Picture from the Attachment bar in the composer Message Composition
3315 Cannot add a Flag to a new message while composing Message Composition
3363 Link conversion in composer Message Composition
3381 "Reply All with Template" not working from the "Single Message Viewer" Message Composition
3428 Composing - Email address not respecting selected Address/Name Message Composition
3443 Composer cannot open an attachment by double-clicking Message Composition
3464 Composer - Dropdown menu for "From" address has truncated account name at the hyphen Message Composition
3465 Alignment of header information and text not okay when writing an email Message Composition
3474 Popover window for attachments way too narrow Message Composition
3478 "compose new message" window moved to back Message Composition
3489 Crash leaving dispatch group after preparing html for message Message Composition
3492 Reply to Email (Exchange) does not contain all in CC list. Message Composition
3498 Crash when trying to set a delayed delivery to specific time Message Composition
3502 When attaching a Photos it doesn't scale to fit the screen Message Composition
3538 Composing - Add a shortcut to tab to the body of the message Message Composition
3548 For Replies - MM not respecting the "Hide Quote" settings Message Composition
Message Display
2990 Alt subject not initially displayed on selected message Message Display
3007 When returning to MailMaven the selected message is blank Message Display
3016 Caching the avatar Message Display
3029 Contact Icon not being included in message header area Message Display
3100 Alternative Subject - Remove prefix: ORIGINAL SUBJECT on rollover Message Display
3101 Add the ability to save sort order per mailbox Message Display
3148 When working on multiple displays - not able to set the monitor for MailMaven Message Display
3192 Copy Scrolling issues of email content in MailMaven Message Display
3246 Review which message is selected in the snippets as they are moved/deleted Message Display
3254 Date not always displayed on Snippet Message Display
3307 Load Remote Content Setting not saved for a message when it is moved Message Display
3318 Add Copy & Share to message contextual menu Message Display
3322 Message View "To" files too big when there are many recipients Message Display
3323 Links in emails not clickable Message Display
3334 Avitar on sent messages should be of the first recipeint and not the sender Message Display
3347 Add font select preference for plain text messages Message Display
3430 Wide messages - not able to scroll horizontally Message Display
3434 Nil passed for Message Header view string Message Display
3495 Add action to Message View headers to open the message in a new window Message Display
3501 Load Remote Content/Always load for this sender fails Message Display
3505 Maven Open Link in Default Browser isn't working Message Display
3508 Message not diplaying correctly Message Display
3509 The message in the message viewer should be Zoomable to make the text larger. Message Display
3547 Have a roll-over/popup for notes longer than 1 line Message Display
3557 Subject display often includes phantom spaces Message Display
Message List Management
3099 Table View - When viewing "Sent Messages", MailMaven should show "To:" field, not "Sender" in the summary window Message List Management
3332 Sorting Snippets by Review Date/Keywords/Importance crashed MailMaven Message List Management
3345 From Field in Table view not resolving MIME words Message List Management
3355 Table View - Mailbox/Account column not displaying account info on Grouped mailboxes Message List Management
3374 Snippets View missing top line Message List Management
3398 MailMaven slow to reflect changes made from other email clients Message List Management
3427 Conversation indicator/icon missing when snippet length is 0 Message List Management
3454 UI/UX issue with selected items in table view Message List Management
3458 it shows an Error in the title. please see attachment Message List Management
3461 BUG: Sender Names in Message List Missing Spaces Message List Management
3525 Table View - Conversation Icon and other small fileds hard to move and resize in the header row Message List Management
Message Management
2818 Cannot save an outlook message to draft Message Management
2975 Clicking on Unread badge should filter unread messages Message Management
2976 Clicking on a badge in the Menu bar should open MailMaven messages Message Management
2994 When moving a conversation - also move the sent messages Message Management
3033 Unselect message by clicking in blank area of messages list Message Management
3042 New Messages added to a Mailbox from a different email client Not Downloaded Message Management
3043 Message Doesn't Import Message Management
3054 BUG: "Send tags with message" does not *seem* to be working Message Management
3245 A crash while sending a message causes the intial message to be lost Message Management
3377 When outgoing message cannot be sent - Delete message option does not work Message Management
3475 Deleted Mail keeps coming back Message Management
3504 Maven unable to delete message by menu/keyboard when focus is in the message Message Management
3515 Crash when loading messages (nil object insertion) Message Management
3526 On My Mac - Cannot empty the "Deleted Messages" mailbox Message Management
3532 Messages get stuck in outbox Message Management
3552 Deleting Message - Using cmd+A to swlwct app and then deleting not deleing all message in a mailbox Message Management
Message Structure
3408 Mime part text/calendar with no contentdisposition displaying as attachment with no name details Message Structure
Network - General
3385 Maven Hung when waking Network - General
3491 Unfair Lock corruption in MKTask init Network - General
Network: EWS
3195 After intial migration - EWS account crashes MailMaven at start Network: EWS
Network: IMAP
3092 New account should fetch the most recent first when performing initial setup Network: IMAP
3251 If no date headers, Jan 1 1969 is used Network: IMAP
3039 MailMaven bogged responds extremely slowly when trying ot update messages in the background Performance
3134 Performance - During mailbox download Front end unresponsive Performance
3156 Random Window "Freeze" Performance
3456 Excessive diskUsage since B2999 Performance
3388 Unlinking and relinking the Sync Profiles produced multiple errors PostMark
3496 Adding new email address to the Sync Profile not working PostMark
2985 Choosing Maven or custom shortcuts not removing the Gmai shortcut for "Send" Preferences
2991 Add a preference to see attachments inline for - images and PDFs Preferences
2992 Add Swipe actions to preferences Preferences
3032 Add “See only applicable rules” to Keystroke preferences Preferences
3051 Add a global "Copy Tags to replies" to the General tab of Tags Preferences Preferences
3053 Add a Global option to "Send tags with message" Preferences
Rules and actions
795 Add Criteria -RepliedStatus- to rules Rules and actions
1202 Rule Action to be able to apply outgoing message tags on a reply to originating message Rules and actions
2726 Make sure action rules that are used in inbox and outbox rules do not produce an error is "select next message" Rules and actions
2891 Add option to keystroke rule to select next message. Rules and actions
2892 Add Rule action to "Apply Keystroke Rule" Rules and actions
2897 Add Rule Action: Forward Message Rules and actions
2963 Add "Alternaive Subject" to rule criteria and Action Rules and actions
2973 Add contextual menu item to copy Inbox rules to Keystroke rule Rules and actions
3026 Add Text Color to actions for rules Rules and actions
3035 Certain letters not accepted as "key" in Keystroke rules Rules and actions
3056 Add "Quick Copy" option using the same mailboxes as "Quick Move" Rules and actions
3117 Place a minimum value on the lowest threshold for spam to 50 Rules and actions
3271 Make keyword tokens in rules selectable for easy delete Rules and actions
3316 Action icon in message action bar not doing anything Rules and actions
3326 Rule action for color should be the same color selection as the color tab Rules and actions
3360 Show Notifications for Keystroke Rules - Not Working or issue with settings Rules and actions
3531 Rule with compound Group criteria not working Rules and actions
3468 Account class in script dictionary is missing some properties Scriptability
3469 Can't get messages of mailbox with AppleScript Scriptability
3470 Don't url encode the result of AppleScripts Scriptability
3002 Filter (!new), reverts to original list when a message is selected Searches
3219 Filtering - the filter does not clear when you move to another mailbox Searches
3237 Search - include Attachments in search tokens Searches
3244 Closing the search window not clearing the search terms Searches
3249 Search - selection of message not displayed when using tab layout Searches
3266 Subject not included in Spell Cheking options Signatures
3401 Signature Tooltips - Export icon labeled "Remove Signature" Signatures
3417 Issues editing in signatures Signatures
3426 When duplicating a signature the copied signature is blank Signatures
Smart Mailboxes
2889 In Smart Mailboxes - Exclude “Trash” and “Sent” by default, with the option to include if needed Smart Mailboxes
2962 Include "Alternative Subject" in Smart Mailbox criteria Smart Mailboxes
3276 Smart Mailbox creation - window expanding off screen Smart Mailboxes
3390 Cannot reorder Smart Mailboxes Smart Mailboxes
3549 Date Received criteria should not include messages in the Sent Mailbox Smart Mailboxes
1206 Make Keyword sidebar orderable Tagging
2840 Gmail label mailboxes are not being reflected into preferred list. Tagging
2885 Add "Tag Original" to the Tagging window when composing Tagging
3052 Add "Copy tags from Original" option to the Tagging section of the Composer Tagging
3088 Muted Labels (Gmail) still show up in Tagging window filter Tagging
3130 New keyword not being creates as Gmail Labels Tagging
3146 Tagging widow Keyword/Labels filters not working Tagging
3158 Keyword Display order not being applied Tagging
3175 New Keywords/projects not created when added from the tagging window Tagging
3182 Adding Project to conversation - tagging window not attached to messages being tagged Tagging
3183 Changing a Project is an awkard process Tagging
3281 Tagging Window Keyword tokens truncated Tagging
3324 Cannotd delete a Note from a message Tagging
3333 Color on messages not repecting the "Use Tags to Color Message" options Tagging
3342 Messages with Review dates (Today) is not showing up in Review Mailboxes Tagging
3348 Tagging Window - notes should be an expanding text field Tagging
3429 Messages that show up in Tag index not displaying in tag mailbox and cannot be found by MailMaven Tagging
3431 When editing a Keyword, the Total Message count for messages with keyword is too high) Tagging
3441 Crash when changing tagging window filed options Tagging
3479 Keyword Autocomplete should recognize word beginnings not phrase beginnings Tagging
3511 Crash when updating projects from External source Tagging
3519 Project list does not update properly when checking external project Tagging
3523 Tagging Window - Add filter preferences to Projects Tagging
3524 Muted Projects still show up in Tagging window filter Tagging
3553 Gmail Label tokens not visually distinct from keywords tokens Tagging
3554 Deleting Gmail messages with Labels not removing the message from the Keyword mailbox Tagging
Last updated: 12 Apr 2024