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The Information Rich Email Client

MailMaven FullScreen Snippert View

MailMaven combines the familiarity of Apple Mail with the power of MailSuite.

Account Integration

Works with multiple account types
  • Gmail & GSuite
  • iCloud Mail
  • Exchange, Office 365
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Yahoo & AOL
  • IMAP
  • ** POP is not currently supported
image with Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Office Yahoo and IMAP account

Table View

Get the most information in a single view
MailMaven FullScreen Table View
Message Viewer with Tagging Window

Message Tagging

Add more information to your messages
  • Keywords and more
    • Gmail Labels display on message
    • Exchange Categories display as Keywords
  • Projects
  • Review Dates
  • Notes
  • Alternative Subject
  • Importance
  • Color
  • Flags

View and Manage Gmail Labels

Mute Labels you don't need to see all the time
Keywords management window and Gmail lables on message
MailMaven’s use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. MailMaven does not transfer information received from Google API to any other apps.

And Much More ...

Conversation Map
Message Encryption
Delayed delivery
Scheduled Messages
Action Menus
Inbox/Outbox Rules
Keystroke Rules
Swipe Actions
SpamSieve Integration
Offline Support